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well well well...

school has been going well, just trying to get through it. i got to see lamb of god finally, i can die happy now. [thanks jay] its almost my birthday, i'll be that boring 20 year old age. my cat is getting really big and my brother moved home.


i've been seeing a lot of nick carter lately, its be bad fucking ass! he and coop finally broke up and now he's allowed to kick it with me again. for some reason he wasnt allowed to see me, which i find ironic seeing as he was my friend before he ever even knew who coop was. god that girl sucks but whatever. now that they arent together i finally have my friend back and its been glorious! i'd say just like old times, but it really isnt. he has changed so much since having a live in girlfriend. he seems older. i mean, i know he is older but he seems older too if that makes sense. anyway, its really nice to be able to call him and talk to him and smoke with him and hug him and all those fun things. hooray!


i've also been seeing a lot of nate. i know that nobody on here even knows who nate is, or is reading this but nate is my exboyfriend that shit didnt work out with for reasons that i dont care to disclose. but, the reasons for the breakup were due to shit that we couldnt control. and then while i was at the show with jay i happened to run into nate. and we have been talking and hanging out and i want us to be together again and i think he does too and this time there wont be any complications i dont think. oh man oh man oh man, i really like him! so we'll see. i made his hair halloween colors for him the other day and he likes to snuggle while we watch scary movies. and he likes black metal too. hooray hooray!

anywho, today is my only day to sleep in, and i'm awake because nate texted me. and my phone plays lamb of god when he texts or calls so i woke up to my phone screeeeeeeeaming at me. ugh. oh well, i dont mind because its from him. i took lots of pictures of he and his friend cam and their band room for their myspace. if anyone wants to help promote i'll post their myspace link at the end of this entry. they only have a demo up and it sucks nuts but they are pretty good. i wouldnt say that are as good as their old band divine rite, but thats because if some shit that happened which is why they arent that band anymore.

my dad is buying me new plugs today! AND he's giving me his car pretty soon. my life is starting to look up. i'm going back to bed.

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